Diana Lynn VanderMeulen

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Diana Lynn VanderMeulen is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Her work investigates the mysterious elements of our natural world through the selective vision of magical realism. An objective in creating and exploring these realms is that of provoking the subconscious; to challenge reality by lifting the viewer into a deeper inner state of mind, sifting through the longing within our day-to-day lives in order to create seemingly unlikely effervescent entrances suggestive of a mirage.

✧ 2019 Feature on CBC Arts: How artists are shaping the future of Instagram AR - 2019 ✧

☆ 2018 Feature on CBC Arts ☆

Diana has collaborated with notable brands including Bimba Y Lola, Facebook, KARA, Nike, Nordstrom and Shopify.

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